There is no group of Americans I hold in higher regard than veterans.  During my time in Congress, I have made improving the quality of life for the nearly 250,000 veterans living in our state a top priority. Our nation’s veterans deserve strong health care and benefits for protecting our country. 

I am a staunch advocate for veterans who have trouble getting the health care they need because the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital or health clinic is too far away.  My work to increase the veterans’ travel reimbursement has helped more veterans afford the trip to the VA doctor.  To bring VA care closer home, I have supported the opening of new VA outpatient clinics across Kansas. I have also spearheaded efforts to allow rural veterans to obtain health care from their local physician or hospital rather than having to travel long distances or too often simply forgoing care.

As we honor veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms, we must ensure that veterans themselves are afforded the rights they fought for.  I strongly support the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act to prevent veterans from being wrongly denied their Constitutional right to purchase firearms.   This legislation would reform a VA process that arbitrarily strips the gun rights of veterans who are simply receiving assistance in managing their financial affairs.  

Especially at a time when thousands of troops are returning from battle, and the needs of aging veterans are increasing, I am committed to keeping our promise to those who have served our country.