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Kansas Granted NCLB Waiver

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Education announced that it will grant the state of Kansas a waiver from the requirements of No Child Left Behind (NCLB). This is welcome news, as Kansas will obtain some much needed relief from the burdensome requirements of this flawed policy.  I opposed passage of NCLB in 2001 because a “one-size-fits-all” federally-mandated approach to education is not in the best interest of Kansas students, parents, educators and schools. Kansas schools have no problem being held accountable; they only ask that the federal government give them sufficient flexibility to tailor education plans to the unique needs of their students.  I commend our state’s education officials for their hard work and determination in negotiating with the U.S. Department of Education to obtain this necessary flexibility for our schools.

While the waiver provides some relief, I am concerned by the Department’s process of dangling relief from federal mandates in front of states in exchange for agreeing to adopt Administration policies. This undue pressure could lead to an administrative rewrite of the statute that is even further top-down mandated than current law. The President and the Congress must make the full overhaul of NCLB a top priority. Any plan to overhaul NCLB must afford Kansas schools the freedom to act in the best interest of young Kansans. Click here to read more.

Calling for New KC-46A Taker Fleet to be Based at McConnell AFB

On Wednesday, I spoke on the Senate Floor to advocate for McConnell Air Force Base to be selected as the first “Main Operating Base” for the new fleet of Air Force tanker aircraft, the KC-46A. I wanted to highlight the many reasons why McConnell is the best choice for the Air Force and outline my strong support for this incredible base and air mobility advantage in Kansas. 

McConnell already houses a total of 63 KC-135R tankers – 48 assigned and manned, plus an additional 15 for global contingency purposes, making it by far the largest tanker base in the country. It is also strategically located in our nation’s heartland – equidistant from both coasts – and centrally positioned to cover a vast portion of the continental United States with hundreds of routes, military operating areas, and airspace reserved for various air missions. The 22nd Air Refueling Wing and the 931st Air Refueling Group support all branches of the military and allied partners, refueling off of either coast and around the world daily. In addition, the airmen and women of the 22nd and the 931st are a prime example of Active and Reserve Components working together, sharing capability, co-locating in various facilities, integrating crews and providing global support to operational needs.  

Another advantage McConnell boasts is its surrounding community, which fully embraces airmen and women and their families. Since 1960, an organization of area business leaders and residents called Friends of McConnell has supported the men and women of McConnell Air Force Base through a range of programs and special events on and off the base each year.

By locating the new tankers at McConnell, the Air Force would have the strategic flexibility and capacity needed to carry out a variety of missions – both overseas and at home. Kansans have a long history of supporting air power and air mobility and I am confident McConnell Air Force Base is the best choice for our nation’s new tanker fleet. I will continue to speak on behalf of the impressive airmen and women of McConnell Air Force Base, especially when I meet with various leaders in the Air Force as they approach their final decision and select base candidates. Click here to watch my remarks on the Senate floor.


Questioning Chairman Bernanke on the Economy

On Tuesday, the Senate Banking Committee received the Federal Reserve’s Semi-Annual Monetary Report to Congress, which details the economic challenges facing our country.  Among those serious challenges are our nation’s out-of-control debt and deficit. Chairman Ben Bernanke was clear that our spending must be brought under control. Click here to watch my discussion with Chairman Bernanke.


Following the Peregrine Scandal

This week, I continued my effort to shed light on the CFTC’s failure to regulate Peregrine Financial. Customers have lost hundreds of millions of dollars yet the CFTC under Chairman Gary Gensler’s leadership has been more concerned about accumulating power and growing the bureaucracy at the expense of commonsense supervisory guidance and accountability. He has had ample opportunity to right the ship and restore confidence in our markets but he has failed to do so. I spoke with Fox Business News on Tuesday concerning this ongoing scandal. Click here to watch the interview.


Internet Defense League Launches

On Thursday, a network of websites, blogs and online advocacy groups launched a new project called the Internet Defense League with the goal of making sure the voices of internet companies and their users are heard when Congress is considering policies that impact the operation of the internet. The SOPA and PIPA debate demonstrated the power of engaged citizens using the Internet. Nobody would have predicted the grassroots effort in opposition would be successful given the strong bipartisan support for the bill in both chambers and from powerful interests in Washington. While that effort was ultimately successful, it took months to develop. Timely response to threats to internet freedom will urge lawmakers to carefully consider policies that could impact the way American internet users, startup companies and businesses enjoy the web today.

Drought Counties to Grip Kansas

I continue to pray for rain as the drought grips Kansas and our country. 104 Kansas counties have been declared disaster areas and more than 1,300 counties, or roughly a third of those in the nation have been declared disaster areas as well. About 55 percent of the continental United States is now designated as in moderate drought or worse, the largest percentage since December 1956. I have been in contact with Farm Service Agency officials and I will be working hard to see that farmers and ranchers make it through this difficult time. Here are a few links that can provide you with more information:


Visiting Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems

On Friday morning, I traveled to Beloit to visit with Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems (MCHHS) administration and tour the facility. MCHHS is a 25 bed Critical Access Hospital with a 40 bed Resident Care Facility, and a 10 bed Geriatric Special Care Unit. The visit presented an excellent opportunity for me to meet with hospital administrators and staff about issues that impact the way that MCHHS delivers important health care services to Kansans in the North Central Kansas region. 

I will be meeting with Marilyn Tavenner, Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), in Kansas in two weeks for a hospital tour and discussion about issues and policies affecting Kansas hospitals. Ms. Tavenner is the top official at CMS, the division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services responsible for administering Medicare and Medicaid. My visit to MCHHS gave me the opportunity to hear what issues I should raise with Ms. Tavenner, and I will use what I learned to identify ways that Congress and the federal government can improve patient access to care – to make it more efficient and effective for all Americans, particularly those living in rural communities.

I always appreciate the opportunity to visit MCHHS and other community hospitals in Kansas to get a better understanding of how these facilities position themselves to best serve the health care needs of rural Kansans. Thanks to hospital CEO David Dick for hosting me on my tour and Leanne Eilert for coordinating my visit. Click here to view photos from the visit.
Sen. Moran Tours Mitchell County Hospital Health Systems in Beloit


Visiting Osborne Residents

After leaving Beloit, I traveled down the road to visit with folks in the community of Osborne. I enjoyed hearing what was on the minds of folks at the places I visited including the Midway Coop (Cenex), Sunflower Bank, the Courthouse, the Public Library, the Osborne County Farmer, Main Street Pharmacy and the Senior Center. Thanks to all Osborne residents for their warm hospitality during my visit.

Thanking our Country’s Heroes – Our Veterans

Just outside the Senior Center in Osborne I met one of our country’s heroes, Dwight DuPree. Mr. Dupree, 91, served our country from 1942-45 and recently received a Purple Heart for injuries received 67 years ago in the Pacific Theater. During his service in the U.S. Army as a veterinary technician, Mr. Dupree was stationed in Washington, D.C., Colorado and eventually deployed to Burma where he was wounded on February 15, 1945. Once discharged from the Army, he was given papers stating he would receive several awards for his service, but they never came. Two summers ago, his son Terry was helping him sort through old paperwork and came across those same documents. With help from Sen. Roberts’ office, Mr. Dupree finally received the medals and recognition he deserved. In addition to the Purple Heart, he also received the American Campaign medal, Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal, World War II Victory medal, and an Honorable Service Lapel button. Thank you Mr. Dupree, and all of our nation’s veterans for your service and sacrifice that allows us to live in the strongest, freest and greatest nation in the world. Click here to see a photo from my visit.
Sen. Moran Thanks Dwight Dupree for Service to the United States in WWII


In the Office

This week we had several visitors in the Washington, D.C., office, including the Kansans listed below. Click here to view photos of some of the visits:


Kansas Association of Conservation Districts
Ron Brown of Fort Scott
Bevin Law of Longford
Jon Starns of Winona
Eric Banks of Salina
Pat Lehman of Lawrence
Santos Manrique of Fort Scott
Lynne Wheeler of Fort Scott
Nicole Foster of Pittsburg
Beth Towner of Girard

Christians United for Israel
Gayle Edwards of Overland Park
Robb Edwards of Overland Park
Beth Grant of Overland Park
Barbara Hawk of Overland Park
Daniel Ketchum of Shawnee
Carol Ketchum of Shawnee
Barbara Reed of Overland Park
Mike Reed of Overland Park
Mary Robinson of Galena
Kevin Reed of Overland Park
Andrew Hammes of Lawrence
Jerusha Mcfarland of Lawrence
Alisha Burnison of Lawrence
Jenny Loewen of Lawrence
Penny Swanson of Howard

Sunflower Foundation
Rachel Monger of Topeka
Amy Goldstein of Kansas City
Audra Kenneson of El Dorado
David Johnson of Lawrence
David Sherman of Wichita
Deanna Berry of Garden City
Erica Andrade of Kansas City
Nick Wood of Topeka
Scott Koertner of Olathe
Sue Evans of Colby
Mildred Edwards of Topeka
Linda Bean of Pittsburg
John Calbeck of Topeka
Doug Farmer of Topeka
Billie Hall of Topeka
Melissa Ness of Topeka
Melinda Lewis of Prairie Village

Kansas Corn Growers Association
Bob Timmons of Fredonia
Brian Baalman of Menlo
Ken McCauley of White Cloud
Roger Pine of Lawrence
Steve Rome of Hugoton
Pat Ross of Lawrence
Jere White of Garnett

The University of Kansas Hospital
Dorothy Hughes of Kansas City

American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
David Wensel of Topeka

Cerner Corporation
Doug Ervin of Kansas City
Dan Schipfer of Kansas City
Carrie Sherer of Kansas City

Kansas School Superintendents' Association
Tom Trigg of Overland Park
Brenda Dietrich of Topeka
Bart Goering of Spring Hill
Jill Dickerson of Eudora

National High School Equivalency Program (HEP)/College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) Association
Lynne Wheeler of Fort Scott
Santos Manrique of Fort Scott

Johnson County Community College
Joe Sopcich of Overland Park
Kate Allen of Overland Park

Robert Johnson Wood Foundation
Nancy Carroll of Wichita
Kim Voth of Wichita

Lathrop and Gage
Joel Voran of Leawood
Mary Birch of Overland Park

Women Impacting Public Policy
Lynette Burkhart of Paola
Denise Farris of Stilwell

Constituent Visits
Jill Koslosky of Coffeyville
Dan Schipfer of Fairway
Dick Carter of Topeka
Kate Allen of Overland Park
Joe Sopcich of Overland Park
Ed Cross of Topeka

Many Kansans stopped by to take a tour of the U.S. Capitol this week including:

Brett Nowak
Debbie Nowak
Jarrod Nowak
Andrea Nowak
Ben Clary


Dan Gerstner
Jean Gerstner

Ness City

Randall Brenner
Kathy Brenner

Bel Aire
Holly Cavender
Michael Cavender

Prairie Village
John Dubois
Jennifer Byer
Oliver Dubois

Valley Center
Nick Barden

Dorothy Hughes

Richard DeSplinter
Melinda DeSplinter
Jayke Wedel
Melissa Wedel
Luke Wedel

Nancy Carroll
Kim Voth

Great Bend
Teresa Coleman
Daniel Coleman
Kevin Coleman
Krystal Coleman

Rev. Troy Slater
Julee Slater
Asten Slater
Kaylee Slater
Stephen Slater

Gordon Slater
Lillian Slater
Brian DeWitt
Michelle DeWitt
Kaylee DeWitt
Kelsie DeWitt
Kallyn DeWitt

Scott Peavey
Erin Peavey
Kathie Cook
Mark Cook

Overland Park
Jeffrey Cook
Dr. Ted Satterfield
Sondra Satterfield
Michael Giudicessi

Elizabeth Hill

Dr. Jeffrey Luty
Mary Kate Luty
Jordan Luty
Benjamin Luty
Kate Luty
Terry Kiser
Beth Kiser
Hunter Kiser
Hannah Kiser
Noah Kiser

Clay Center
Gary Jones

Bob Timmons
Tye Splechter

Donna Berland
Terry Berland

Junction City
Ricardo Vieyra
Mary Ann Vieyra

Sarah Meredith
David Meredith

David Asbury
Jeanne Asbury

Kansas City
Judy Roth


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