News Releases

The following statement is from Sen. Jerry Moran regarding the White House Gun Violence task force’s recommendations following the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary shooting:

"In wake of the recent tragedies in Connecticut and Colorado, Americans are ready to engage in a meaningful national conversation to determine a path forward that will keep our children safe. We can start by properly enforcing all of our existing gun laws. Criminals who misuse firearms should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We must be careful, however, not to penalize responsible, law-abiding citizens or infringe upon civil liberties guaranteed in our Constitution.

"As our nation looks for real and lasting solutions, it is essential that we focus on what works and be realistic about what doesn’t. The President’s call for a ban on assault weapons is troubling, as such a measure would endanger the rights of Americans while not making us any safer.

"We must examine all factors that lead individuals to commit these monstrous acts, but the President’s plan in its entirety is not the proper way to implement a comprehensive strategy that will better protect our nation from gun violence."