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Sen. Moran on Unemployment: Address the Root Cause by Growing the Economy and Creating Jobs

"There is no better way to create jobs than to support entrepreneurs and to foster the development of new businesses, which are responsible for all those net new jobs in the economy."

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) spoke on the U.S. Senate Floor yesterday about unemployment and the best way to address its root cause by growing the economy and creating jobs. Sen. Moran believes Congress and the President have failed at carrying out one of their primary responsibilities: creating an environment where Americans can find work and can pursue the American Dream.

Sen. Moran has authored several bipartisan bills that would improve the opportunity gap. One of those bills is Startup Act 3.0, bipartisan legislation that would grow the economy by creating an environment where anyone with a good idea has the opportunity for success. Startup Act 3.0 addresses four key factors that contribute to entrepreneurial success: talent, taxes, regulation and innovation. Since 1980, nearly all of the net new jobs in our country have been created by companies less than five years old. 

Sen. Moran offered Startup Act 3.0 as an amendment to the unemployment insurance extension bill. Unfortunately, Senate Democrats are blocking an open amendment process that would allow Senators to propose legislation.

Highlights from Sen. Moran’s remarks can be found below, along with links to download the video.

(0:23) “We are failing to address the underlying and important root cause of that unemployment; that is, how do we as Americans grow our economy and create jobs for the citizens of our country? A growing economy creates new opportunities for Americans to find meaningful work. With meaningful work comes the opportunity for Americans to improve their economic security and advance up the economic ladder.

(1:13) “A lack of leadership and partisan politics have prevented action on measures that could provide an immediate boost to the economy at little or no cost to the American taxpayer.

(2:15) “The labor force participation rate has reached its lowest level in 35 years. At a time when just 62 percent of working-age Americans are employed, it is clear we need an economic boost powered by entrepreneurship. To jump-start the economy and create jobs for Americans… I authored bipartisan legislation called Startup Act 3.0. The Senate majority leader is often talking about the need for allowing votes on legislation that has bipartisan support, and this is a perfect example of such a bill that ought to be considered by the Senate.

(10:40) “As the Senate considers extending unemployment insurance in the short term, we must not lose sight of the long-term goal — that ought to be the short-term, intermediate, and long-term goal — of creating an environment for jobs in America. There is no better way to create jobs than to support entrepreneurs and to foster the development of new businesses, which are responsible for all those net new jobs in the economy.

(12:14) “Work is an ennobling feature of life. Jobs matter, and this Congress and this President have failed miserably, in my view, to carry out one of our primary responsibilities: to create an environment in which Americans can find work and can pursue that American Dream of putting food on their family's table, saving for their kids’ education, making sure they have a secure retirement in the future, and knowing every day when they get up and go to work they are doing something good for themselves and for their families and their country.

(12:51) “No one I know really wants to be the recipient of an unemployment check. It may be necessary, but it is not their goal. The goal is to find an ennobling, meaningful job that supports them and their family.”

Sen. Moran is a founding member and co-chair of the first-ever bipartisan Senate Economic Mobility Caucus. The goal of the Caucus is to provide Members of Congress, their staff and other interested parties with an opportunity to learn more about the drivers of economic opportunity and upward mobility, which form the foundation of the American Dream.

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