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By Chris Frank

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran weighed in on the latest battle in Washington between one of his fellow senators and President Donald Trump.

Senator Moran spoke Monday at the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce forum. He spoke on the need for tax reform, changes to the Affordable Care Act, and on the proposed privatization of air traffic control.

On tax reform, Moran said, "I'm interested in significantly lowering the corporate tax rate. But when someone tells me I'm doing that to help the wealthy, that's not my motivation. My motivation is more jobs, better jobs, higher paying jobs, more secure jobs. That happens when the business climate is such that we can expand and create opportunities."  

Speaking to reporters after the forum, Moran was careful to not take sides in the weekend spat between Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker and President Trump. In an interview with the New York Times, Corker said the President treats his office like a reality show and could set the country on a path to World War Three. President Trump responded to Corker with several disparaging tweets.

Moran said, "I would just stay out of the fray, in the sense that what needs to happen here is cooperation, not antagonism. Senator Corker is an important part of the United State's Senate." 

Moran added "The back and forth between the White House and between members of Congress and others, that's a distraction that takes us away from the goal of actually doing something." 

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