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WICHITA, Kan. Some say the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal is on life support after President Donald Trump last week refused to certify the accord.

Instead, President Trump asks lawmakers to toughen the agreement between Iran and six world powers by amending a U.S. law. Monday, Eyewitness News spoke with U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran about the president's announcement.

Moran says he was not a supporter of the 2015 agreement President Barack Obama's administration struck with Iran. He says he wishes the agreement would have gone farther, addressing more than one issue.

"I think it left too many things off the table," Moran says. "And while it's useful to reduce the timeframe in which Iran would develop a nuclear weapon, Iran is still a place that exports terror around the globe, and I wish that agreement would have been much more encompassing than just dealing with one issue."

Moran says the action taken by President Trump now puts a lot of responsibility on Congress to make the determination on what to do next.

"The challenge will always be that it's much more difficult to keep the coalition that we had with Europeans, with China and Russia with isolating Iran, to put that back together," Moran says. "So, sanctions become much more difficult to create and to enforce and to be effective if it's just the U.S."

President Trump said he will terminate the Iran Nuclear Deal if he cannot find a solution with Congress and U.S. allies.

"The question becomes, will the rest of the world join us in trying to reign in the other actions of Iran that are damaging to global security?" Moran says.

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