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By Chris Oberholtz, Ashley Arnold

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) - With the Senate passing a bill on to the president giving $2 billion more to medical research, Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran stopped by the University of Kansas Medical Center to see how some of that money is being used.

Sitting down with doctors and researchers, Moran had the chance to hear about new research and how much money is brought into Kansas City.

Officials at KU Med told Moran they average around $60 million a year in federal grants for research that impacts people around the country.

Moran says especially at a time when so much focus is on healthcare reform, our eyes should also be on what can be done from a research perspective as well.

"A very important part of saving costs in health care is medical research, and what goes on here at the University of Kansas and its research facilities is very important, not only to this community and to this region, it's important to the country,” he said.

Moran also extended an invitation to the researchers at KU to visit in Washington DC to speak before the National Institute of Health about the work happening in the Kansas City area.

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