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Wichita Business Journal
Bill Roy

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas is speaking out against tariffs as a method to change what he calls China's "bad behavior."

Moran said in a Friday release that Kansans agree that the president needs to take steps against China's misconduct.

But he adds: "As I've repeatedly indicated to the president and administration officials, I remain unconvinced that tariffs are the best tool ‎to change China's bad behavior – tariffs not only hurt our farmers, ranchers and airplane manufacturers, but they also harm every American consumer," Moran said. "We should be working with our allies to isolate China rather than escalate a trade war."

Tariffs on $34 million worth of Chinese goods went into effect at midnight. And a New York Times report says China immediately retaliated by imposing its own tariffs on an unspecified amount of goods from the U.S.

Moran is one of many voices in the chorus in criticizing the tariffs and a trade war.

Koch Industries Inc. said in a recent Wichita Business Journal report that the U.S. Senate should restore Congress' constitutional authority on trade matters. Koch-supported Americans for Prosperity announced it would commit millions of dollars to an ad campaign promoting free trade.

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