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A ring belonging to World War II veteran returned home

KSNT | Cassie Nichols

SENECA, Kan. (KSNT)– Sergeant Carol Eugene Domer was killed in action during World War II off of the coast of Papua New Guinea. His crew had to ditch their plane while returning from a bombing mission.

His body was never found, but a ring he was wearing at the time was recovered. Senator Jerry Moran and the Domer family have been trying to recover part of his remains since 2003.

“It started with a request from the family,” Senator Moran said. “The banker in Spearsville, a nephew. We had a conversation one day when I wandered into the bank. He happened to be the mayor of Spearsville and ‘oh by the way can you help us?'”

This Memorial Day, the Domer’s family wish was granted. Sergeant Domer was given a resting place in his home county as the ring was presented in Seneca to his family. The ring itself symbolizes much more to the Domer’s.

“We were at Memorial Day’s year after year after year, and there never was closure,” Dennis Domer, a nephew, said. “We always went home sad.”

The Domer’s are feeling a different kind of emotion this year.

“We are stunned by what has happened and we couldn’t be more grateful,” Domer said.

It wasn’t just family members feeling grateful at the ceremony. The whole community and those beyond are feeling the ripple effect.

“This is the opportunity to remind ourselves that there are things that are really important,” Moran said.

Priorities such as paying respects and honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country, just like Carol Domer.