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Senator Moran visits Susan B. Allen Memorial to help connect the hospital with federal grants

Butler County Times-Gazette

On Thursday, Jan. 27, Senator Jerry Moran visited the Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital in El Dorado.

Senator Moran frequently visits hospitals across Kansas to speak with health care workers about the work they are doing and learn more about how he can be of assistance to them in Washington, D.C

This involves helping connect hospitals with federal grants and resources or introducing legislation to address an issue Kansas hospitals are facing.

“Susan B. Allen Memorial continues to struggle with extreme staffing shortages and health care worker burnout,” said Kansas Senator Jerry Moran. “Kansans’ access to quality health care services often determines whether they can remain in the communities they call home.”

These visits are especially important during the pandemic to gather information on staffing levels, bed shortages, PPE supply, and other needs related to COVID-19.