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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) spoke on the U.S. Senate Floor this week regarding Title 42 after a federal judge blocked the Biden administration from repealing the order. In April, 234,000 migrants were apprehended at the southern border – the highest monthly total in 22 years.

“We have a humanitarian, public health and national security crisis happening at our southern border,” said Sen. Moran. “The Biden administration continues to be absent in this crisis, and instead of offering constructive policies, they are removing ones that are helping prevent even more people from entering our country. Last week, the court made the decision to require Title 42 to remain in place. Ending it would create an even greater emergency at our border, and yet the Biden administration is appealing the court’s decision.”

Sen. Moran also recognized the work law enforcement officers, including Border Patrol agents, are doing in the wake of record migrant crossings.

“Our Border Patrol agents and officers are being asked to be caretakers, law enforcement, medical professionals and so much more,” continued Sen. Moran. “They have a tireless, thankless job. One thing is for certain – our Border Patrol agents are doing an incredible job, and I want them to know they are supported in the Senate, and we thank them for their service to our country.”

As the lead Republican of the committee that provides resources to the Department of Justice, Sen. Moran has visited the southern border on multiple occasions to hear from law enforcement on the ground and witness the humanitarian and national security crisis.  

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