Regardless of our job or where we live, agriculture matters to Kansans and Americans. Agriculture puts food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and the roofs over our heads. Our wellbeing and health depend on a strong agricultural sector. One in five Americans work in jobs related to agriculture and food production. If we want strong schools, growing businesses and vibrant communities, we must make certain farmers and ranchers in our state have the opportunity to prosper. When agriculture is successful, Kansas is successful.

As a senator from a farm state, I often find myself educating my colleagues and other officials in Washington, D.C., about the critical importance of strong agriculture policy — not just domestically, but around the globe. I am committed to seeking opportunities and fair treatment for our farmers. With a Congress that is more and more removed from rural America and the complexities of a global agricultural economy, this is often not an easy task. To keep the family farm alive, however, it is worth every bit of effort. The family farm contributes enormously to the strength and stability of our rural economy. From coast to coast, consumers enjoy a safe and affordable food and fiber supply due to the efficiency and performance of America’s family farmers.

In addition to being the economic backbone of so many of the towns and rural communities in our state, agriculture is also our link to the past — to times when family was the axis around which all things revolved. In today’s fast-paced world, there are few industries where sons and daughters can work side-by-side with moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas.

Today, uncertain economic conditions and the competitive global marketplace are creating financial hardships for many families, farmers and businesses in our state and across the country. Ensuring the future of our state’s agriculture industry is one of my top priorities in the Senate. As a U.S. Senator I will work to create better awareness and understanding in Washington of the financial challenges farmers experience on a daily basis. I will continue my past efforts to improve crop insurance, promote additional demand for our commodities through trade, support livestock producers, and look for ways we can address high energy costs.

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