U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran was the special guest of Sen. Angus King Saturday, May 23, on his monthly radio show called “Inside Maine” on WGAN. The conversation focused on improving rural veterans’ access to the high-quality, timely and specialized care they earned. On Friday, the U.S Senate unanimously passed the Access to Community Care for Veterans Act (S.1463), legislation authored by Sen. Moran and cosponsored by Sen. King that would give veterans access to community health care when the nearest VA medical facility within 40 miles driving distance from a veteran’s home is incapable of offering care the veteran needs.

The VA continues to use a narrow interpretation of the 40-mile rule, choosing to take into account only the distance of a VA medical facility from a veteran’s home and not whether the VA facility can actually provide the services the veteran needs. The legislation passed unanimously by the Senate (S.1463) aims to help thousands of veterans who are currently being forced to choose between traveling hours to a VA medical facility, paying out of pocket, or going without care altogether. S.1463 now moves to the U.S. House of Representatives for consideration.

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