The American economy is facing very difficult times and we need to get the country moving.  Americans are struggling, and unfortunately, Washington's usual solution to recklessly throw taxpayer dollars at this problem is not the right answer. 

I have heard from many Kansans who are upset with massive government spending and tax increases at a time when families are forced to tighten their belts and make tough choices. Kansans are tired of footing the bill for Wall Street bailouts and rewarding bad behavior in the housing market. They are frustrated with trillion dollar "stimulus" efforts that fund programs that simply will not stimulate the economy while significantly increasing our country's already crippling debt.

Keeping future generations in mind, I voted against every stimulus and bailout plan to have come before Congress.  Congress is spending at an alarming rate and must realize that spending trillions of dollars, that we simply do not have, undermines economic recovery today and Americans who will have to pay our debts in the future. I am committed to opposing reckless spending and working to address our country's economic problems in a fiscally responsible way to help Kansas families and businesses.

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