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Sen. Moran: Soaring Inflation and Supply Chain Challenges Will Make This Thanksgiving the Most Expensive in History

Rising Costs Are Also Affecting Those Who Produce Our Food in Kansas

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) spoke on inflation reaching a 30-year high and how it has been widely reported that the rising cost of food items are making this Thanksgiving the most expensive in history.

“Soaring inflation and supply chain woes will make this Thanksgiving our most expensive in history,” said Sen. Moran. “Record-high prices are also affecting our farmers and ranchers – those who produce our food. A Kansas farmer in McCune, Kansas, told me, ‘the total fertilizer cost to raise corn, wheat and soybeans could increase by $350,000 for our family farm.’ Another farmer, this one in Holcomb, Kansas, told me, ‘with the increased cost of inputs like fertilizer, fuel and chemical, we will have to adjust our farming practices if we want to survive.’ Inflation is hurting everyone from those at the checkout counter to farmers and ranchers producing our food this Thanksgiving.”

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