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Sen. Moran updates the effort to attract a third brigade to Fort Riley

Junction City Post

There are constant ongoing efforts to try and convince the U.S. Army that Fort Riley should be the home of another brigade. During a Junction City visit Sen. Jerry Moran said it would benefit the country, Fort. Riley and the communities surrounding the installation.

Moran noted that to attract a third brigade a number of steps have been taken to increase the infrastructure at Fort Riley, ranging from schools and the hospital to housing. "I just try to do everything in the appropriation process to make sure that the infrastructure at Fort Riley could sustain and welcome another brigade."

Moran said he met with the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, General James McConville, this past week.

"Our message to him is the openness of Fort Riley to that third brigade.  I think we're the only installation that has less than three. We want whatever happens next to occur here." Moran said McConville indicated that it's unlikely the Army will continue to grow. The Senator also added the end strength has increased in the Army over the last four years. "I think this administration is more likely to put on hold any of those increases and maybe have some decreases."

Moran explained that he did receive other information from McConville. "That he had ideas of other things that could come even in the absence of a brigade, other units that could come to Fort Riley and that certainly peaked my interest. We're already following up to have conversations with his team about what those opportunities might be. "

Moran was in Junction City on Saturday for a Town Hall meeting.