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Senator Moran hosts Town Hall meeting to hear citizens concerns

WIBW | Becky Goff

JUNCTION CITY, Kan. (WIBW) - More than 20 community members and political leaders from the Geary County area gathered for a town hall meeting with Jerry Moran at the Municipal Building in Junction City.

Senator Moran is spending his time away from Washington meeting with Kansans, addressing issues he is working on, as well as asking for questions, and concerns from residents.

“I just utilize the day a weekend when I’m home or a holiday week which I’m away from Washington D.C. to gauge people’s interest and what matters to them.” Senator Jerry Moran says.

Moran says citizens have brought attention to other aspects of the issues he had not yet heard, regarding the recent announcement of the closure of the ER at the VA hospital in Topeka.

“There’s follow up to be done there to make sure that this plan, to know exactly what it is and what the consequences are or would be beyond just the emergency room.” Moran says.

Moran says he takes time to listen the concerns of the citizens he represents to help him prioritize the issues that are important to Kansans.

“If you’re just listening to the people who are one hundred percent focused on politics and just the nature of Washington, the D.C., Capitol, it’s very useful for me to get just common-sense suggestions and today was no different, it was very useful.” Moran says.

Moran encourages Kansans to attend Town Hall meetings, when they can, in order to have their voices heard, as well as reaching out to him between meetings. You can find Senator Moran’s contact information here.