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Building You: Wichita aims for more space opportunities

Lily Wu | KWCH

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - The Greater Wichita Partnership and U.S. Senator Jerry Moran are aiming for more space opportunities in the Air Capital.

“While Wichita is rightfully called the ‘Air Capital of the World,’ there’s no guarantee that’s going to be the case far into the future,” said Moran.

As a member of multiple committees that are related to aerospace, Moran is connecting Kansans with companies heading to space.

“The more we can do in defense and the more we can do in space, the more likely are we to have that level playing field, where jobs are more secure,” said Moran.

Last year, the Greater Wichita Partnership hosted two supply chain tours for Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance.

“That’s where Senator Moran has also been working alongside us to introduce Blue Origin and United Launch Alliance, for example, to our current supply chain to understand our capabilities from engineering and precision components and assemblies, that they can then apply to that market as well. They’ve already proven in aviation, which makes them a go-to for this new, emerging market as well,” said Tammy Porazka, vice president of business development for the Greater Wichita Partnership.