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Kansas U.S. Senator Jerry Moran says Congress is involved in a damaging practice of approving short-term, last-minute renewals for the Federal Aviation Administration and its programs. 

Moran says Republicans and Democrats have been able to agree on a number of issues affecting the aviation community, but progress is being derailed by continued discussions on privatizing the air traffic control system. 

Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, Moran said a six-month extension of FAA authority will not give the aviation community the certainty it needs to make improvements at the nation's airports to improve safety or create jobs.   

Moran said privatization will create a number of problems and only the largest airports in the largest cities in the U.S. would not be damaged by it.  He said privatization would have a negative impact on Wichita, Topeka and Kansas City airports.  

Moran said privatization will never have the votes to pass in the Senate, "yet we keep considering short-term extensions that are damaging to the aviation community."

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