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Senator Moran visits Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum

Barabara Trimble | Atchison Globe

Kansas Senator Jerry Moran visited Atchison on Monday to tour the Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum.

Museum Director Allison Balderrama gave the Senator a first hand viewing at the drawings of how the museum will be laid out with many exhibits. A large portion of the exhibits will be interactive. Karen Seaberg also gave the Senator facts about the cost of the exhibit which will be around 6.8 million dollars.

The Senator asked Seaberg how many visitors they anticipate in a year once the exhibit is opened.

“With just the schools within a 90-mile radius of Atchison we anticipate it could be as high as 78,000,” Seaberg said. “The Senator was clearly stunned at the number but Seaberg assured him that it is totally possible to have that many visitors in a years’ time.”

Moran said he was impressed with what the tour had to offer.

“This is just amazing,” Senator Moran said. “I am so very pleased to have had this tour.”

Seaberg and Balderama said the materials are on order for the new exhibit hoping for a fall delivery time, but also realize that with the pandemic is may cause a delay in getting materials. Even still the spirits are high and events are being planned.