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By Santiago Kahn

HEALY, Kan. (KSNW) — Senator Jerry Moran stopped in Healy today to hear from his constituents who had questions about health care and immigration.

Dighton resident Gerald Riley is worried for his neighbor.

“We have one veteran there in Lane County that’s going to lose his health care,” said Riley. “He was in the Vietnam War, lost both legs.”

Riley wants more to be done to make health care affordable.

Moran said upcoming bipartisan hearings might be the solution.

“I hope that that is an effort that actually results in something,” said Moran.

On immigration, one Kansas Board of Education member expressed concern for undocumented students.

“Some of our students have been brought here maybe two months old, three months old,” said Sally Cauble. “They’ve gone through our school system, and then they get to college and they find out that they’re not citizens, and it becomes a problem for these students.”

“Perhaps there’s a starting point which doesn’t involve citizenship but involves legal status so that you’re not always looking over your shoulder,” said Moran.

The Obama-era program called DACA protects that group of people from deportation, but President Trump is considering ending it.

The president also threatened to shut down the government unless his border wall with Mexico gets paid for.

“I think it’s a terrible thing to put ourselves with a gun to our head about shutting down government,” said Moran.

Trump has repeatedly promised the wall would be paid for by Mexico, a concept that was never clear to Moran.

“I never understood those sentences and what they meant,” he said.

Mexican leaders have said many times they will not pay for the wall.

Moran does say that more must be done to budget for increased border security.

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