Health Care

Making certain Kansans have access to affordable, quality health care has been one of my priorities in Congress. To achieve this goal, policies must be implemented that reduce health care costs. These policies should increase competition and choice for patients, thereby expanding access to doctors, nurses and other health providers. 

Kansans’ access to hospitals and quality health care services determines whether they can remain in the communities they call home and whether their children can return to raise families of their own. To ensure Kansas towns survive and flourish, the unique health care needs of rural Americans must be addressed. I have had the privilege of visiting each of the 128 community hospitals in Kansas to learn firsthand the vital role each hospital plays in caring for the residents of its communities. As a member of the Senate Appropriations Health Subcommittee, it is useful for me to visit these hospitals and other health facilities to learn more about how providers utilize resources to care for patients, many of whom are spread across large areas of our state. 

Also, as founder of the first-ever Senate Community Pharmacy Caucus, I support local pharmacists who play a vital role in our health care delivery system. In many Kansas communities, the local pharmacist is a patient’s most direct link to health care. I will continue working to preserve the special way of life we enjoy in Kansas by protecting access to quality health care in our rural communities.

In order to improve patient care, diagnosis and treatment, it is essential that we remain committed to advancing medical research. This research is essential to saving and improving lives, growing our economy, and maintaining America’s role as a global leader in medical innovation. Our nation has long recognized the importance of advancing medical research, and given the vast amount of progress made over the last century — as well as the great potential current research holds — it is important that we continue our commitment to advancing cures and treatments for disease. Click here to learn more about my efforts in support of medical research.

I am a member of the following health care caucuses:

  • Congressional Caucus on Parkinson’s Disease
  • Congressional Multiple Sclerosis Caucus
  • Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Senate Cancer Caucus
  • Senate NIH Caucus 
  • Senate Community Health Center Caucus
  • Senate Community Pharmacy Caucus (Co-Founder)
  • Senate Diabetes Caucus
  • Senate Rural Health Caucus

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