Grants Secured for Kansas

Each year, Kansas receives numerous grants to support infrastructure, research, development, health, safety, transportation and more from the federal government. Each federal grant represents an investment in our state.

The resource below captures the federal grants Kansas has received from prominent federal departments and programs. This resource also represents the federal grants that my office advocated for and have been notified about, but this resource should not be viewed as an all-inclusive list. 

Click on the map pins below to learn more about a specific grant or select the square icon in the map's top-left corner to view grants by category.

If you are interested in applying for a federal grant, learn about available programs on If you are applying for a federal grant and are interested in a letter of support, please submit information here for assistance. 

Federal Grants Received by Kansas in 2020

*This resource is intended to be a helpful guide, but may not be inclusive of every federal grant Kansas has received.