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On Tuesday, March 15, Senator Moran discusses the regulatory environment for small town banks in Kansas with the Treasury Secretary and Housing and Urban Development during the Banking Committee hearing entitled: "The Administration's Report Congress: Reforming America's Housing Finance Market"
We have before us an opportunity to set aside the game of politics and to work together to confront the enormous challenges before us. Whether we have the courage to tackle our fiscal crisis now will determine the course of our country for the next generation. I stand ready to work with my colleagues in this chamber to do what it takes to get our economy back on track.
The decade of delay is over. I am relieved that our airmen and women and our Kansas workers can now look to the future with certainty. Replacing the aging tanker fleet with the next-generation Boeing tanker is essential to the security of our country and safety of our troops, and is a much-needed economic boost to our state. Let’s get to work.
The best way to get our debt under control is to set a budget and stick to it no excuses. The Senate took a promising first step today, but when we're borrowing more than $5 billion a day, $4 billion in cuts is nothing to write home about. We need to get the issue of last year's spending behind us so we can do the real work of adopting a budget to reduce the deficit next year and into the future.