News Releases

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) today released the following statement on his vote in favor of a resolution disapproving President Obama’s request to increase the nation’s debt ceiling by another $1.2 trillion:

“My vote today against the President’s request to raise the debt ceiling is a vote against Washington’s out-of-control spending habits and failure to live by a budget. Our nation’s debt now stands at $15.2 trillion and has grown by nearly $4.5 trillion in the past three years alone. Kansans understand the solution to our debt crisis is not more debt – we must stop spending money we don’t have.

“Last year, I informed President Obama that I would not vote to raise the debt ceiling unless I saw substantial reductions in spending and structural changes in the way business is conducted in Washington, D.C.

“Nearly one year later, here we are again with the same request – yet the President and Congress have failed to put forward a long-term plan to address our growing fiscal crisis. The recommendations put forward by the Bowles-Simpson Commission represent a good starting point and should be seriously considered by Congress. Given the bipartisan support for many of their proposals, I am disappointed their recommendations continue to be ignored.

“Simply raising the debt limit without a serious plan to reduce our debt will only continue this pattern of fiscal irresponsibility. I strongly disapprove of this request.”