News Releases

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) released the following statement today regarding his support of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) Act (H.R. 1314): 

“Trade positively impacts almost everyone and every industry in our state – farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, small businesses and workers. As the United States continues to engage economically with other nations, it is critical that Congress sets clear objectives and priorities for potential trade agreements, requires transparency and accountability during negotiations, and maintains full authority to approve or disapprove any potential deal.

“While Trade Promotion Authority gives our U.S. trade representatives the latitude necessary to negotiate a potential deal, any trade agreement must be voted on by Congress before it goes into effect. This keeps the American people in the driver’s seat to have final say on any future trade deal through their elected representatives in Congress. Should this administration or any future administrations negotiate a bad deal, the TPA makes certain that Congress has the ability to reject it. I will only support fair trade deals that respect the rule of law.”