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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) today participated in a colloquy with several of his colleagues to share his concerns about the negative impacts of President Obama’s health care law, which was signed into law two years ago by the President on March 23.

Below are highlights from Sen. Moran’s remarks:

“One of the problems with the Affordable Care Act is the reality that it will reduce the access to health care for people who live in rural America – we will see fewer physicians accepting patients on Medicare, and we will see fewer hospital doors remain open. The Congress that passed this and the President who signed this legislation set the stage for there to be less affordable health care available to Americans across the country – but especially for constituents like mine who live in a rural state like Kansas.

“The goal of this legislation was bending the cost curve down. It didn’t do it, it doesn’t do it and it can’t do it. So the end result is that Americans will have less options for their own plans. Even the President’s own Medicare actuary estimates the law will increase overall national health care expenditures by $311 billion during the first ten years alone and that private health care insurance premiums will rise 10 percent in 2014. We are going to see a lot less access because the promise that was made to bend the cost curve down, to reduce health care costs, to reduce premiums, was totally false.”

Click here to watch Sen. Moran’s comments from the Senate floor.

Click here to access audio of Sen. Moran’s comments from the Senate floor.


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