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Sen. Moran Lays Out Priorities for Healthcare Reform

Provides Solutions to Improve Healthcare for all Americans

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) again today offered a blueprint of policy recommendations in remarks on the Senate floor for consideration as Congress works to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

“Americans are hurting under this law, and they have spoken clearly numerous times – it’s time for us to bring them the changes that improve their lives by improving their healthcare and making sure that no American is worried about whether or not the care that they or their family member needs is outside their reach,” Sen. Moran said.

Sen. Moran’s remarks today centered around ideas he has offered repeatedly during his time in Congress to make positive changes to our healthcare system.

Highlights of Sen. Moran’s remarks may be found below, along with a link to the video:

(:01): “In 2010 the American people were promised a number of things, but among those things was affordable, accessible and quality health care. They were promised that if they liked their health care plans, if they liked their insurance, they could keep those insurance policies. They were promised a system that could get more folks covered at a lower cost. Instead… the Affordable Care Act has failed us and has failed to keep its promises. Canceled policies, elimination of certain plans, difficulties in identifying new plans, massive premium increases, sky-high deductibles and limited options for doctors – it’s really become a new standard for many American families. 

(0:52): “I’ve completed at the end of last year another round of 105 town hall meetings in our state. There’s 105 counties in Kansas. And on occasion, it’s pretty rare, but on occasion, someone will say, ‘The Affordable Care Act was helpful to me and my family.’ My response to that is ‘I’m glad.’ But surely we can come up with a proposal, a plan that isn’t so damaging to so many other people for the benefits that you claim you’ve acquired under the Affordable Care Act. 

(1:49): “Because I’m opposed to the Affordable Care Act does not mean I’m opposed to trying to make sure that Americans have better options and more affordable care. I’ve also visited all 127 hospitals in our state. I’ve had conversations with the chief financial officer, the C.E.O., the trustees, the doctors, the nurses, and almost without exception the conversation is about how bad that expense has increased, the ability for their patients, the people who are admitted to the hospital, their ability to pay their bills is less, not more. And that’s because they can't afford the co-payments and deductibles. Unfortunately, Obamacare… has taken away the freedom to make health care decisions from Americans… and given way too much authority to the federal government. Kansans continue to ask me to help them get back to their former health care plans, to find a better way to do this, a plan that’s more affordable with better coverage.

(5:02): “With a new Congress, a new year, a new administration, we now have a tremendous opportunity to provide real, substantive reform to our healthcare system.

(11:43): “As we move forward with trying to replace and improve access of Americans… to affordable health care, I believe that there are reforms that will provide us with a good blueprint for how to start helping Kansans and all Americans across the country who have suffered under the deficiencies and the costs and the damage that comes from Obamacare. I look forward to working with my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats, to find solutions to take advantage of this opportunity that we have… Most American people are hurting under this law, and they have spoken clearly numerous times, and it’s time for us to bring to them the changes that improve their lives by improving their health care and making sure that no American is worried about whether or not the necessary health care that they or their family member needs is outside their reach.”

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