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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (Kan.) today released the following statement on the one year anniversary of the Taliban gaining control of Kabul, Afghanistan:

“One year ago, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan became a moment of lasting shame. The images of Afghans left behind at the Kabul airport, fearful of the Taliban’s return to power, and the loss of 13 American servicemembers from a terrorist attack remain vivid in our thoughts.

“Today, thousands of Afghans who put their lives at risk to help American and coalition troops remain in danger in Afghanistan and many who did get out are stuck in other countries waiting to start their lives anew. The rights of Afghan women have been rolled back, including denying girls a full education, and Afghans under the Taliban regime are suffering from crippling poverty and hunger. This is heartbreaking after the United States invested twenty years in Afghanistan, trillions of dollars and the lives of her sons and daughters. Those who gave their lives and all who served in Afghanistan to fight terrorism deserve our gratitude and ongoing care.

“Americans deserve answers as to how the withdrawal could be so disastrous and how the Afghan government we supported could collapse so easily. Last year, I co-sponsored the Afghanistan War Commission Act to establish a nonpartisan, independent commission to examine the war in its totality, which was enacted into law. I am awaiting the work of this commission and the findings they will produce to ensure that what happened last year never happens again.” 

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