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WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) released the following statement after Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s decision to end military furloughs. The decision followed a letter sent by Sens. Moran and Manchin (D-W.Va.) and signed by 48 of their U.S. Senate colleagues which made clear that with the passage of the “Pay Our Military Act” the financial well-being and readiness of those who serve our country must not suffer due to gridlock on Capitol Hill:

“At a time when it’s pretty difficult to find good news in Washington, we had some over the weekend. Senator Joe Manchin, a Democrat of West Virginia, and I led an effort to make certain that our Department of Defense (DoD) civilian workers and members of the National Guard and Reserve would not remain furloughed. This past weekend DoD Secretary Chuck Hagel moved quickly to end the furloughs on Reserve, Guard and the DoD civilian workforce.

In Kansas, this means the end of furloughs for:

  • 767 members of the Kansas National Guard;
  • 300 civilian workers at McConnell;
  • 2,254 civilian workers at Fort Leavenworth; and
  • Nearly 750 civilian workers at Fort Riley.”

AUDIO LINK:  Click here to download audio of the remarks.

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