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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) and Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) today introduced legislation to allow two light or medium duty trailers to be towed at the same time – only when empty and being delivered to a retailer for sale and subject to existing size and weight limits. The Safe and Efficient Trailer Delivery Act (S. 1692) recognizes that empty light and medium trailers present different safety issues and should not be regulated in the same category as larger, cargo-carrying vehicles.

“This straightforward, common sense legislation would allow trailer manufacturers in Kansas and across the country to deliver light-to-medium duty trailers in tandem to retailers,” Sen. Moran said. “The current law is expensive and inefficient, and this bill will dramatically lower delivery costs for small businesses while helping consumers and reducing highway congestion.”

“The current regulations for trailer delivery are costly and hurt Kansas businesses and consumers,” Sen. Roberts said. “This bill will allow trailers to be delivered more efficiently and at lower costs, while also improving the safety on our nation’s highways.”

“In Indiana, our small and medium trailer industry is made up primarily of small businesses and provides jobs to Hoosiers while helping our state’s economy,” Sen. Donnelly said. “These Hoosier manufacturers must navigate a patchwork system merely to deliver their products, which increases costs and hurts consumers. I am proud to join my colleague Senator Jerry Moran in introducing this bipartisan legislation because it would help Hoosier trailer manufacturers transport their products more easily and at a reduced cost to consumers across the country.”

As a result of a 1991 law, trailers are treated differently than car, truck or boat manufacturers in that they have to deliver the vast majority of their products one at a time, which is inefficient and expensive.

Titan Trailer Manufacturing President Rich Jenson of Waterville, Kan., added, “Titan Trailer Manufacturing applauds Senator Moran, Senator Roberts and Representative Jenkins for the introduction of this legislation which will enable our Kansas business and others like it across the country to safely and efficiently deliver our products while saving customers money and reducing fuel consumption.”

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (KS-02) introduced companion legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives. 

“I am proud to champion this legislation in the House, which is based on sensible principles that will help increase the efficiency and reduce emissions from light- and medium-duty trailer manufactures,” said Rep. Lynn Jenkins. “This bill will lower costs for consumers, decrease congestion on our highways, and empowers businesses by removing government bureaucracy.”

This legislation is supported by the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers.

Click here to read the full bill text for S. 1692.