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Sen. Moran: Inflation Creates Tough Decisions for Kansas Families

“It’s time for Congress to turn off the spending spigot”

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) today spoke on the Senate floor regarding inflation rates and the Democrats’ tax-and-spend framework.

“An extra $17 dollars at the gas pump or $68 on an electricity bill and an extra 50 cents here and there quickly adds up for middle income or low income families,” said Sen. Moran. “These dollars add up to tough decisions like… will we be able to make our mortgage payment this month? Do we forgo a Thanksgiving meal this year so we can keep the heat on? And can we afford to make that drive across the country to go see the grandparents for the holidays?”

“The Democrats’ out-of-control spending and policies have sped up the rate of inflation and created higher prices for families,” continued Sen. Moran. “It’s time for Congress to turn off the spending spigot. As Americans face higher prices at the gas station and grocery store, we must work towards fixing our supply chain issues, returning to being energy independent, helping Americans return to work and reining in our spending in order to slow down the rate of inflation.”

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