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WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) – chairman of the Commerce Subcommittee on Manufacturing, Trade and Consumer Protection – today chaired a hearing on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the live event entertainment industry.

Adam Hartke, owner of the Cotillion and WAVE in Wichita, participated in the hearing and provided a first-hand account of how the pandemic has impacted his businesses and his employees.

“There is a ripple effect on the economy when the live event entertainment industry is out of work,” said Sen. Moran. “Restaurants, bars, transportation, and many other businesses that thrive on live events bringing people in to communities from the surrounding area are hurting. This means that when the lights are dark at the local live event venue, the economy of that community as a whole is suffering.”

“We quickly created a plan to pay our core staff crisis pay while shuttered,” said Mr. Hartke. “We then assessed hard costs. Gutted is the only word that truly reflects how we felt in this moment. We received PPP assistance, and the funds were used as originally stipulated, with 75 percent going to pay role. These funds ran out in June, and since then most of our employees have been furloughed or laid off…our biggest fear is that we will have to close our doors forever, and the institutions for which we have sacrificed so much for will be destroyed.”

Click HERE to Watch Sen. Moran’s Opening Statement & HERE to Watch the Full Hearing