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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), a Senate Appropriations Committee Member, on Thursday questioned U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx about the future of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Control Tower Program. Sec. Foxx expressed his interest in keeping rural communities connected to a 21st century economy, and confirmed the contract towers are included in the president’s FY2015 budget.

Highlights from the hearing may be found below, along with links to video downloads.

(0:03) Sen. Moran: “…I think that the contract tower program is one of our most cost-effective programs, and as you would have noticed in the last year or so this Congress has demonstrated significant bipartisan support for that program. My question is what does the President’s budget, as well as what are your personal thoughts about the program? Do you appreciate and value its efficacy and…support its continued operation? And does the President’s budget reflect that as a priority?”

(0:39) Sec. Foxx: “…The FY2015 budget does include funding to continue to operate the contact tower program...we’re maintaining contract towers, sir.”

(1:42) Sen. Moran: “…And you, Mr. Secretary, are familiar enough with the program to have a feel for its value?”

(1:50) Sec. Foxx: “In general, I have a very deep and abiding interest in making sure communities across America are connected to the 21st century economy. And being connected to the national air space is part of that connection. So…you won’t have any hesitation from me to try to do everything I can to make sure communities across America are continuing to be connected.”

(2:16) Sen. Moran: “I appreciate that…sometimes I think when I ask questions about general aviation it’s thought of as Senator Moran is from Kansas it’s a place that we manufacture lots of general aviation aircraft — clearly true and I have a great regard for that aspect of general aviation. But I sometimes think it’s forgotten that rural America has a great interest — a lot at stake — in whether or not our smaller community airports have the ability…to access to a global economy...

(3:10) Sen. Moran: “Our ability to have…air traffic control towers…really does determine whether or not a smaller town has a bright future economically, medically, socially, and so I appreciate the comments you just made.”

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