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VIDEO: Sen. Moran Speaks on Senate Floor Regarding Rail Dispute and Impact on Agriculture Industry

Missed Economic Output from a Rail Shutdown would be Costly for Kansas, entire World

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (Kan.) spoke yesterday on the Senate floor to encourage a resolution to the railway labor-management dispute and to highlight the negative impact a rail shutdown would have on Kansas and the world.

“In my state, the harvest is well underway, and farmers need to be able to ship their crops by train around the country and to our ports where the grain will be sent to feed a hungry world,” said Sen. Moran. “The Association of American Railroads found that a nationwide rail shutdown could idle more than 7,000 trains and lose more than $2 billion a day in missed economic output. As the deadline for a resolution approaches, we are already seeing the impacts of contingency planning by railways, showing that a full shutdown would be unacceptable.”

“In the event that a conclusion is not reached, I will utilize my opportunities as a member of the Senate, as a member of Congress, for congressional intervention and work to shield the impact of a rail shutdown across the nation,” Sen. Moran continued. “Our constituents deserve certainty that will come from reaching a resolution.”

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