News Releases

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), member of the Senate Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, released the following statement about reports that the administration will submit a plan to Congress today to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and transfer detainees to the United States:

“The president’s move down the unlawful path to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay is reckless – especially after numerous Department of Defense officials and his own Attorney General confirmed it is against the law. Over the last seven years, this administration has been incapable of presenting a comprehensive, legally justifiable closure and relocation strategy that maintains the safety and security of Americans, and I don’t anticipate the plan presented to Congress today will provide any substantive planning or legal justification.

“I remain committed to blocking the transfer of Guantanamo detainees anywhere in the United States, especially Fort Leavenworth. The critical mission of the Command and General Staff College in educating military members from ally nations across the world would be compromised. We must safeguard the missions on Fort Leavenworth, the nearly 14,000 military and civilian personnel and their family members, and the thousands of Kansans who live in the Leavenworth community.”

Click here to download an audio version of Sen. Moran’s statement.