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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last night, U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) honored Glenn and Elaine Mull, their daughter Amy Harter and granddaughter Samantha Harter on the U.S. Senate Floor. The Mull family was traveling to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade Show in Nashville, Tenn., last month when their Gulfstream 690C crashed during a landing attempt.

Highlights from Sen. Moran’s remarks can be found below, along with links to view and download.

(0:10) “I often describe to my friends and colleagues in Washington, D.C., how special Kansas is…and how we live our lives there. Families are important. The values of family run deep in our communities. We have neighbors who care for each other and we all know each other one on one, name by name, family by family…When tragedy strikes, the entire community is shaken.

(0:43) “I pay tribute today to a family from north central Kansas, the Mulls…were traveling to the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association trade show in Nashville…when the plane they were in crashed during its second landing attempt. The jet went down about 10 miles from the airport in Bellevue, Tennessee.

(1:15) “I saw on the Internet a Bellevue resident, who I don’t know, but she wrote this tribute to Glenn Mull, the pilot. She said:

(1:25) ‘Glenn had reached the most bustling section of our community at the busiest time of the day… He would have seen hundreds of homes with cars in the driveway…And an enormous YMCA, where hundreds of families were streaming in and out to swim in the indoor pool, exercise and take classes…

(1:58) ‘Experts are saying now that the last-second sharp turn Glenn made in the seconds before the plane crashed indicated that he made a heroic decision to hit the one spot in the vicinity where no one on the ground would be hurt. And Glenn managed to spare all of their lives.’

(3:23) “Glenn and Elaine were well respected not only in the cattle industry but also in their community for their generous commitment to improving the lives of their neighbors.

(5:08) “Glenn and Elaine’s legacies of selflessness, philanthropy and leadership undoubtedly live on. I have met lots of people in my life, and I don’t know that I have ever met a couple with more optimism, with more care and concern for other people, with a sense that things will be better tomorrow, and the idea that hard work and living your life with integrity and as a companion to your Creator, would mean that good things would happen for you and your family.

(6:50) “Amidst the loss of Glenn and Elaine, their daughter and granddaughter, and this Kansas community’s suffering, what stands out is the outpouring in Larned and Great Bend — at home in central Kansas — the care and compassion shown by their friends and neighbors but also by the residents of Bellevue who were united in care and concern for this family they never knew.”

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