News Releases

MANHATTAN, Kan. – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) issued the following statement regarding the Obama Administration’s ransom payment to Iran in exchange for the release of American prisoners:

“In light of evidence contrary to their previous claims, the Obama Administration has now admitted what has been clear for many of us – the $400 million in cash paid to Iran in January was given in exchange for the release of American prisoners. Iran’s policies of international belligerence pose clear threats to regional peace and American lives. The Iranian government has sponsored deadly terror attacks against United States citizens, actively worked to expand their secret nuclear program, violated bans on missile testing, and openly threatened the United States and our allies.

“Since the payment was made, two more American citizens have been unjustly detained by the Iranian regime. Iran has also failed to pay owed damages to American victims of Iranian-sponsored terror. The Obama Administration has rewarded all of these actions by delivering billions to Iran and repeatedly misleading the public in doing so. Congress must act to restrain the executive branch and restrict the possibility of the administration inappropriately settling any further Iranian claims.”

Sen. Moran has introduced legislation (S. 2452) to require Iran to pay all owed damages awarded to American victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorism before the U.S. government can settle any additional financial disputes with Iran. This legislation puts justice for American victims of Iranian terrorism ahead of compensation for the Iranian regime.