News Releases

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) today released the following statement after discussing the United States’ strategy during an Agriculture and Trade Roundtable at the White House with President Trump:

“Today I stressed to the president the importance of trade to our agricultural communities in rural America, and I shared input I’ve received from Kansas farmers and ranchers about how access to global markets is tied to their livelihood. I reiterated we ought to strengthen and expand our trade markets rather than retreat from international trade agreements – we need more trade, not less, to keep Kansas farms alive.

“I also shared with the president a photo I took in Kensington of a pile of grain that has grown so tall you can barely see the elevator behind it. With more than 20 million people facing famine worldwide, it is disturbing to me that these piles of grain remain idle on the ground in Kansas, when they could be exported around the world to feed those in need – benefitting the hungry and Kansas’ economy. Our trade relationships are, now more than ever, vital to the future of our nation’s farmers and ranchers and I will continue advocating for sound policies to help them get the food they grow to tables around the world.”

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