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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) has joined 12 of his freshman Senate colleagues in asking President Obama to stop using scare tactics to frighten seniors and to start responsibly addressing the financial problems facing the country. The request came on the heels of President Obama’s recent threat to stop issuing Social Security checks if Congress fails to fulfill his request and raise the debt ceiling. The President has made similar threats about paychecks for the military and their families.

“In my view the White House is trivializing the concerns of Americans,” Sen. Moran said in a press conference on Thursday. “Throughout 2010, the conversation with Kansans and with Americans was very much about the debt and our fiscal house. We were given full instructions to get things in order and to grow the economy. Saying that Social Security recipients are not going to be paid, or have the potential of not being paid is just politics as usual. The President…is diminishing the message Americans delivered in 2010.”

Click here to download a video clip of Sen. Moran’s remarks, or click here to simply view the clip. Click here to read the full letter to the President from the Senate GOP freshman class.