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WASHINGTON – On Tuesday evening, the U.S. Senate passed S. 571, the Pilots’ Bill of Rights 2 (PBOR2), common-sense legislation that will provide important protections to pilots and aircraft operators. U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) is a cosponsor of the bill, which includes provisions to help make certain aviators facing enforcement action have an opportunity to prepare a proper defense, as well as important Third Class Medical reforms. Sen. Moran released the following statement today regarding the Senate passage of PBOR2, which must now be approved by the U.S. House of Representatives:

“Over the past 10 years, 60,000 pilots have left the general aviation industry. Meanwhile, the cost of aircraft has risen dramatically and shipments are near an all-time low. General Aviation is vital to our national economy and the future of rural communities. In order for it to grow and prosper, we must reverse this troubling trend. 

“Pilots across Kansas tell me the current process of obtaining a Third Class Medical certificate has become burdensome and expensive, while providing very little benefit to the industry. No other form of recreational transportation requires a medical certificate in addition to a license. The Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2 would provide relief by expanding the Third Class Medical exemption for recreational pilots while also improving safety and health awareness for pilots beyond current FAA requirements. 

“S. 571 also represents a significant improvement in the due process rights and liability protections for volunteer pilots by ensuring certificate holders have the right to appeal FAA decisions through a new, merit-based trial in Federal Court. With a veto-proof total of 69 Senate cosponsors, this bipartisan legislation is one of the most widely supported bills in Congress. The Senate’s passage of S. 571 is an important step toward a brighter future for general aviation.”