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Amy Wang

In light of an investigative report last week from CBC and the Toronto Star detailing Ticketmaster collusion with ticket scalpers, two U.S. senators have penned a letter to Michael Rapino, CEO of Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation, asking for immediate clarifications on the company’s resale program.

Senators Jerry Moran and Richard Blumenthal — who recently helped pass the BOTS Act to limit the use of bots in consumer ticket-purchasing — say they are concerned with the murkiness of information about Ticketmaster’s professional resale program, TradeDesk, and are asking Rapino to provide answers by October 5th.

The CBC and Toronto Star report alleged that Ticketmaster turns a blind eye to TradeDesk resellers who violate policies and snatch up tickets on a mass scale, because Ticketmaster turns an extra profit from the resales; Ticketmaster’s CEO Jared Smith has thus far responded with a statementsaying that “Ticketmaster does not have, and has never had, any program or product that helps professional resellers gain an advantage to buy tickets ahead of fans. Period.”

Ticketmaster has been owned by Live Nation since 2010, and it’s the parent company that is now being called upon for answers. “Citing examples of TradeDesk users moving up to several million tickets per year, the allegations of the harms to consumers made in this piece are serious and deserve immediate attention,” the two senators write.

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